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The Cottages

Our twenty-two Cottages surround our local shorefront and are divided into two areas: The Canteen area and the Blueberry Hill area.

The cottages in each area:

The Canteen area: Idyllwild, Kumbak, Hap-E-Daze, Pollywogg, Pioneer II, Bide A Wee, Bonne Dune, Kaermano, and Churchill.

The Blueberry Hill area: Ship Ahoy, Such A Spot, Pondorsea, Heart's Content, Jalna, Madcap, Rote, Playmore, Dunroamin, Cranberry Knoll, Blueberry Hill, Blue Flax, and Boulder

Rates(July/August): $850-$1000/week (except PondOrSea, which is winterized and $1,300/week.)

Off-season rates are available: Off-season May long weekend - Thanksgiving weekend (not including July 1-Labour Day). In the off season our rates are nightly. If you can only stay one night, that is fine but you will want to stay longer.


MacLeod Cottages in Nova ScotiaEach unit is unique and feature:

  • Kitchen with stove/oven, fridge, coffee pot toaster, pots/pans, utensils. etc
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Each has 3 pc bathroom with shower
  • Living room/dining room
  • Bedrooms may have queen, double or two twins.
  • BBQ's are available for rent on a first come, first served basis
  • Pets allowed in all cottages except Pondorsea
  • Most cottages have an outdoor area with a picnic table or lawn chairs or a deck on the front of the cottage.
  • Each cottage has a fireplace/insert or woodstove
  • One or two bars of cell service in many places (not necessarily in your cottage)
  • Each has an alarm clock/radio
  • 19/22 cottages are on the beach or within 500ft.
  • Beds will be made for you in the off season. During July and August, guests are asked to bring their own or they are available for rent.
  • A photograph of each cottage can be found below.
  • Written details for each cottage can be found on the Cottage Details page.

Smell the salt breeze from Macleod Cottages in Nova Scotia
Imagine the aroma of your morning beverage mixed with fresh salt air.

The Ocean view from Macleod Cottages in Nova Scotia
A gorgeous sunrise after some rain.

Relax in your own rented cottage in Nova Scotia
Relax in your own rented cottage in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Accommodation by the sea

Photos of The Cottages

Cottage porch with barbeque
Cottage porch with barbeque
Bide a Wee - 2 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Blueberry Hill - 3 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Cottage porch with barbeque
Cottage porch with barbeque
Blue Flax - 3 Bedrooms - $900/week
Bonne Dune - 3 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Cottage porch with barbeque
Nova Scotia Cottage Churchill
Boulder - 3 Bedrooms - $900/week
Churchill - 2 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Nova Scotia Oceanside Cottage Cranberry Hill
Nova Scotia Cottage Churchill
Cranberry Knoll - 3 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Dunroamin - 3 Bedrooms - $900/week
Cottaage overlooking the beach in Nova Scotia Hap-E-Daze
Oceanside Cottage Hearts Content in NS
Hap-E-Daze - 2 Bedrooms - $850/week
Heart's Content - 4 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Cottage in Nova Scotia Idyllwild
Cottage Jalna in Nova Scotia
Idyllwild - 2 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Jalna - 4 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Oceanview Cottage Kaermano in Nova Scotia
Cottage Kumbak in Nova Scotia Canada
Kaermano - 2 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Kumbak - 2 Bedrooms - $850/week
Vacation Cottages on the South Shore of Nova Scotia
Oceanfront cottages in Nova Scotia
MadCap - 3 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Cottage along the South Shore of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Cottage
Pioneer II - 3 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Playmore - 2 Bedrooms - $850/week
Oceanfront cottage for rent in Nova Scotia
Cottage Country in Nova Scotia
Pollywogg - 2 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Pondorsea - 2 Bedrooms - $1,300/week
A Nova Scotia Cottage for you
Atlantic Canada Vacation Cottage for rent
Rote - 2 Bedrooms - $850/week
Ship Ahoy - 3 Bedrooms - $1000/week
Cottage Such a Spot
Cottage porch with barbeque
Such A Spot - 3 Bedrooms - $1000/week

Petite Riviere Accommodation

Nova Scotia oceanfrontage
Just smell the ocean....